post-op pet fashion (or, avoiding the cone)

You may recall that Little Man went under the knife a couple of weeks ago to have a small tumor removed (I posted about it here). He’s in ship-shape now, but until he had his stitches out late last week, we had to keep him away from his surgery site. Normally this would be where the Cone of Shame comes into play, but I learned via facebook that there is a kinder way to keep pets from getting at places they shouldn’t: clothing! Since the tumor was on his side, the spot would be easily covered by pet clothes, and he’d still be able to curl up as normal.

I started him off in a t-shirt. When I first put it on, he basically moonwalked his way around the whole apartment in an attempt to back out of the shirt. Failing that, it didn’t take long for him to accept his fate and take comfort in my lap.

Unfortunately, his tiny tee proved too easy to wriggle out of — when I came home from work the next day, I found it rumpled on the floor. On to Plan B!

Little Man’s second look was a red nylon vest that velcroed up the front. Isn’t he so handsome and outdoorsy? He didn’t manage to work his way out of this one for a good four days or so. When it stretched out enough, though, he bailed. I realized the solution was to get something with a tighter fit. Which brought us to:
This is technically a puffer coat (thank you Martha Stewart), and it was the best because it kept his arms free, allowed for a normal range of motion and was tight enough that he couldn’t get out of it. He was quite cozy in this for nearly a week!

It also came with a detachable hood (that remained detached, except for purposes of the fashion photo below); it has become a favorite plaything.

Now that Little Man is stitches-free, he’s back to his regular, unclothed self. It’s funny — after wearing clothes for two weeks straight, he kinda looks naked now.

5 responses to “post-op pet fashion (or, avoiding the cone)

  1. Detachable hood=pure cat fashion MAGIC.

  2. I think designing post-surgical cat clothes could be a excellent Project Runway quick-fire – oh, wait, that’s another show.

  3. I think LlamaP is onto something: handmade post-surgical pet clothing. You’re sitting on goldmine, K! Also, I’m sending this to my dad. Their dog had to have a tumor removed, and with the cone, Bear literally wouldn’t move. He just stood there facing straight ahead. After an hour, they realized that he couldn’t keep it up, so they took it off, and of course, Bear made a mess of the site in no time. If only we had had your wisdom in December!

  4. The hood is unbelievable. Pepper is getting fixed later this month… any idea if clothing would suffice for such an invasive procedure? The idea of her in the cone for 10 days makes me so sad.

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