… five months later

Well what do you know, it’s been nearly half a year since I posted on my blog! It’s actually pretty hard to believe it’s been that long, despite the fact that my life now is quite different from my life in June before we left for Germany. Maybe that’s why it feels so far removed at this point.

At any rate, let me bring you up to speed! Let’s see… I think this might call for the ol’ picture-of-the-month recap, in the interest of keeping it quick. Since so much happened, though, it will generally be a pictures-of-the-month situation.


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These are just some highlights from our Germany trip: Freiburg, Flammkuchen, Biergartens, Haribo, giant Steiff stuffed animals and trains aplenty.


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Highlights: 4th of July, family beach weekend/beach happy hours, PEARL JAM AT WRIGLEY FIELD, BEING ON THE FIELD AT WRIGLEY FIELD and a necessary roadtrip return stop at Dinosaur World.


new digs!Heyyyyyy, we bought a house!


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Highlights: Labor day family feed in Tennessee/farm stand stop on the way home, settling into our house, nostalgia attack outside my freshman dorm, a Campus Gear store window predicting NU’s in-conference opposite-day football season, another stop at Wrigley (for baseball) and my own Willie Wildcat.


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Highlights: The Braves’ short-lived postseason (with bonus Waffle House), landing/starting a new job with my same employer but in the music school, Atlanta Cheese Festival and OH YEAH, have I mentioned yet that I’m pregnant? (Pictured: my pregnant self at another Pearl Jam concert.) So, there’s that.


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Highlights (so far): It’s a boy! My sister is campaigning for us to name him Ross Ross. Also, more homeownership! (That’s Otto in the leaves, if you can’t tell.)

So, hopefully you can excuse my absence and dismal record of posting for the past few months, because I’ve kiiiiinda had a lot going on. Thanksgiving break can’t come soon enough! More on all this later, but for now, mama’s gotta sleep.

(Note: all pictures above pulled from my instagram feed. Check me out!)

One response to “… five months later

  1. BABY + HOUSE?!? AMAZING!! Congratulations, busy lady!

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